Ayr Storm

Squads for 2017-18 are not being listed for now

logoOval: Ayr Basketball Club

The list of teams we have (and the competitions they play in):


Men: SLBA Menís division2, SLBA Menís Div4

Woman: SLBA Womanís league

U18Men: SBC U18m div2 SLBA U18m League

U18Women: SBC U18w div1

U16Woman: SBC U16w Div1 and SLBA U16w league

U16Men: SBC U16m div3 and SLBA U16m League

U14girls: West region development league (RDL)

U14boys: West RDL + SLBA U4b league

U12girls: West RDL

U10mixed: West RDL

U8 mixed: West RDL